Konec leta v Čechách? Letime na Filipiny!
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We would like to cordially invite you to attend the Aceki Cebu Salsa Festival from the 5th to 8th September 2014.

During the festival, we will also be conducting the Aceki Dance Studio Owner’s Meeting (ADSOM).

The festival will be held at the beautiful island of Cebu in Philippines

Cebu Salsa Festival & Asia Salsa Championship

·         Full Pass: US$150          

·         Performer Full Pass: US$75

·         Door Price US$450

The ADSOM (Includes full festival pass)

·         Full Pass: US$1,250      

·         Door Price US$1,550

ADSOM Agenda highlights

·         Aceki World Sala Championships City Qualifier

·         Studio Operations:

o   Longevity in the dance studio business  (Dance till we are 80! And beyond!)

o   Avenues for improving sales

o   Increasing our bottom line (profit)

o   Student life Cycle (Keeping every student and maximizing their potential)

·         New Dance Genre:

o   Salcaa Dance – A new form of fitness regime that helps to build dance fundamentals at the same time

o   Lumbia Dance, Competition and Certification

o   Jazroc Dance, Competition and Certification

·         Health and fitness

o   Acdine Nutrition for dancers

o   Meroll Delicious Healthy Food

·         Certifications

o   Why do we need certifications and how do they benefit us

o   AC Dance Certification

o   AUQE Certification

And as the saying goes, " IT's much more FUN in the Philippines"!!! Please let us know early if you can join us.

Adrian Neo

Event Co-ordinator




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